12 July 2024

Thailand’s Department of Disease Control will still adhere to their COVID-19 vaccination plan, following reports of at least six people experiencing symptoms of partial paralysis after getting their first shots.

Dr. Taweesap Siraprapasiri told a press conference on Wednesday that, currently, the inoculation program remains unchanged, saying such an adverse side effect was not unexpected.

Reportedly, symptoms of thrombosis can occur among a small number of those inoculated, but it is rare and treatable.

He appealed for the public to trust the procedures carried out by the Ministry of Public Health.

On Tuesday, reports circulated that a few people had experienced partial paralysis, some numbness and trouble with movement and speech.

All received medical care and have recovered.

Dr. Kulkanya Chokepaibulkit told the press conference that it remains unknown what had caused the symptoms. They are, however, only temporary and patients usually recover in one to three days.

The committee responsible has already examined that batch of vaccine and found no irregularities, she said. Over 300,000 people around the country have already received shots from the same batch and did not experience the same side effects.

Another expert, Dr. Mehta Apiwattanakul, advised members of the public to get immediate medical attention if they experience symptoms of a stroke post vaccination.

Physicians are advised to provide them with the same care as for stroke patients, by treating them for blood clots.

Reports of such events should also be filed with the department, so that authorities can study and investigate them, Dr. Mehta said.