13 July 2024

The Criminal Court has ruled that the late night attempts, by officers at Bangkok remand prison, to screen Ratsadon leaders for COVID-19, were inappropriate and impinged upon the basic rights of the detainees.

The court issued its ruling on Monday in response to a complaint filed by Anon Nampa, one of the seven being held on remand, seeking the court’s protection of their safety over an incident on the night of March 15th.

The court said that there was no reason to rush to separate the seven detainees and to screen them that night.

“The complainants and associates and other detainees are still Thai citizens, whose rights and liberties are accorded protection, in accordance with the Constitution, which upholds human dignity as a birthright of all Thai people. Sleeping is an important component of normal life and, since the Bangkok remand prison has made it a rule to switch off television at 9.30pm, indicating that it is time for rest, and the prison must strictly abide by this regulation to enable the inmates to have appropriate rest, the complainants should be accorded treatment similar to that of other detainees,” said the court in its ruling.

At the end of the ruling, the court suggested prison officials exercise more caution in their handling of detainees or prisoners, to ensure that their rights are protected.