11 July 2024

Police in Chon Buri province have re-apprehended a convict who, with the help of his wife, had escaped from his guarded hospital bed.

The 37-year-old prisoner, serving time for theft, was admitted to Bang Lamung Hospital on December 6, suffering from an acute inflammation following an operation. After being treated, doctors told him to rest in the hospital, with two guards assigned to watch over him.

CCTV footage showed that, on December 9, he used a pair of pliers to force the chains that bound him to the bed. He then took a lift to the ground floor and moved to the rear of the hospital. The police were alerted and conducted a search of the premises.

The prisoner’s wife, who was invited in for questioning, confessed to smuggling the pliers into his ward, for her husband to use to effect his escape. The police ultimately found the prisoner still inside the hospital.