11 July 2024
The Constitutional Court has voted unanimously to accept for consideration the Election Commission’s ruling that the pro-Thaksin Thai Raksa Chart party be disbanded over its nomination of Princess Ubolratana as its prime ministerial candidate. The party will be given seven days to present its defence in writing.
An informed court source said that the Constitutional Court spent about one hour deliberating the case and agreed unanimously to accept it for consideration.
According court procedure, officials will send a copy of the EC’s ruling to the head office of the party.  The court has scheduled the first hearing of the case on February 27 at 1.30 pm.
Shortly before the court session today, Mr. Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, a party list candidate for the Thai Raksa Chart party and its legal advisor, submitted a petition to the court challenging the legitimacy of the EC’s ruling.
Mr. Ruangkrai claimed that the EC bypassed legal procedures to rush its decision without holding an enquiry or providing the party with an opportunity to present its defence.
The EC decided by unanimous vote on Tuesday night to disband the party without waiting for the party to submit its defence.
Meanwhile, this morning, Thai Raksa Chart party’s chief strategist Chaturon Chaisaeng said that the party’s key campaigners and strategists have agreed to suspend their electioneering activities until there is a ruling from the Constitutional Court. He insisted that the party’s executive committee had acted in good faith when they endorsed the nomination of the Princess.
However, the party’s chief campaigner, Mr. Natthawut Saikua, said that even without the help of the party’s key campaigners, the party’s candidates would continue their campaign visits to meet with the voters.