11 July 2024

Temperatures are forecast to fall by another 6-8oC in the north and north-east and by 3-5oC in the eastern and central regions, including Bangkok and its peripherals, from tomorrow until Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Department.

The cold weather is the result of the arrival of another strong cold front from China, which is covering the north of Thailand. Temperatures in the low lands of north-eastern and northern provinces will fall to 10-18oC and to 2-10oC in the mountainous areas. Temperatures in the eastern and central provinces, including Bangkok, are forecast to fall to 15-21oC.

The south will face heavy to very heavy rain brought the north-easterly monsoon wind, which is covering the Gulf of Thailand and the south. People living at the feet of mountains are warned to brace for flash floods and river overflows.

Small vessels are advised to remain ashore during the period, due to strong winds and high waves in both the Gulf and the Andaman Sea.