Class action suit filed by massage parlours, spas seeking compensation for lockdown losses

(Photo by SAEED KHAN / AFP)

A group of 172 massage parlour and spa operators filed a class action lawsuit with the Civil Court today (Tuesday) against the Finance Ministry and the government, demanding compensation for losses caused by the partial lockdown restrictions imposed by the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) since last year.

The businesses are being supported by two Move Forward party’s MPs, namely Aksika Chantarawinji and Pitak Yotha.

Speaking on behalf of the operators, Ms. Aksika said that many massage parlours and spas have been closed since last year and have not been compensated or assisted financially by the government, despite repeated promises of financial help, such as soft loans.

Although considered to be high-risk jobs, she said the operators’ calls for vaccines for the masseuses have not been heeded.

Move Forward Party Deputy Leader Sirikanya Tansakul, said that the class action lawsuit is just a legal means to seek justice from a court of law for the government’s unfair treatment and insensitivity toward the plight of the masseuses and their work places.

The case, she said, will set a precedent for other business groups affected by the lockdown measures.


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