11 July 2024

Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD), in cooperation with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the Royal Thai Police and the Land Transport Department launched a clampdown today (Wednesday) on vehicles emitting excessive black exhaust into the environment in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.

An order, issued by the PCD last October and which permits tougher measures to control vehicle emissions, came into effect today.

PCD Director-General Attapol Charoenchansa advised owners to maintain the engines of their vehicles regularly, to make sure that they do not emit excessive exhaust, or face legal action.

Between October 1st last year and this Monday, the PCD and relevant agencies have checked 164,560 vehicles in Bangkok and found that 46,176 of them emitted excessive exhaust fumes into the environment. 682 vehicles were banned from use until their defective engines are fixed.

Regarding airborne PM2.5 dust, the PCD said that the level in the environment in most parts of the country, including Bangkok, was still excessive yesterday, but that the situation has improved slightly.

The PCD predicted that the air quality in Bangkok, from today until next Tuesday, will continue to improve, thanks to increased air circulation.