11 July 2024

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand has warned unnamed Thai politicians against alleged interference in China’s internal affairs over the ongoing violent protests in Hong Kong.


“Some Thai politicians have contacted the group, which advocates separation of Hong Kong from China, in a way which is deemed to be a serious offence and irresponsible.  China hopes that these people are aware of the facts about the Hong Kong problem and exercise caution over getting involved in matters which are detrimental to Chinese-Thai friendship,” said the statement of the Chinese Embassy issued on Thursday.


The embassy did not name any Thai politicians but, on October 6th, Joshua Wong, a protest leader and secretary-general of the Democisto party of Hong Kong, posted on his Facebook page a picture showing him with Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit.


Wong’s post in Chinese said Thanathorn was leader of the Future Forward party, which came third in Thailand’s March 24th general election, and is now spearheading the fight against the military in Thailand, while facing charges of inciting unrest in the country.


Thanathorn was in Hong Kong attending and speaking at the Open Future Festival, organized by the Economist magazine, on October 5th.

Wong added a caption to the picture on Twitter, saying “Under heavy pressure from the dictatorship, we stand together in solidarity.”


The Chinese Embassy condemned the escalating violence by the protesters, citing their indiscriminate attacks on police and innocent people alike, as well as the damage and fire-bombing of shops with an intention to incite bloodshed.


It said that the biggest threat in Hong Kong now is violence and disrespect of the law.


The embassy accused the core protest leaders of attempting to turn the protest into a “colour revolution” with the interference of “outside influential groups” who harbour the idea of separating Hong Kong from China by using democracy and freedom as the pretext to destroy China’s principle of “One Country, Two Systems.”