11 July 2024

Residents living along the Ping River in the Muang district of Chiang Mai have been advised today (Monday) to move property to higher ground and to be prepared to open the electrical circuit breaker at home for safety, as the water level in the river continues to rise.

The provincial public disaster prevention and mitigation office, which issued the notice, reports that the water level inthe river, measured at the Nawarat Bridge today, was 4.52 metres, about 0.82 metres above the critical level.

With water flowing into the river from the Mae Tang river basin at about 697 m3/sec, the office predicts that the river’s level will rise further.

Several riverside communities in the Muang district are already flooded. They include the Chang Klan Muslim community, Montfort School and Wat Chai Mongkhon in Chang Klan sub-district, the Nong Hoi community in Nong Hoi sub-district and parts of Chang Phueak sub-district.

Residents who need help can call 081-8177225, 096-1535665, 061-2744567 or 053-140380.

In Chiang Dao district, the road between Chiang Dao and Khong sub-districts, which was blocked by a landslide and fallen trees, is now open to traffic as normal, according to district officials.

Farmland along the river is also expected to flood, said the officials.