12 July 2024

Chiang Mai University has closed down its field hospital, after all the patients, who were mostly students and university personnel, were discharged from the facility following treatment.

Professor Dr. Bannakit Lojanapiwat, dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the university, said that the field hospital, which was a converted dormitory for female students, had the capacity to accommodate 300 patients.

Opened on April 10th, the field hospital was intended to treat students and university personnel infected with the virus, to ease the workload at the provincial field hospital. It was staffed by about 100 medics from the university, who were mobilized to look after the infected around the clock.

At its peak, Dr. Bannakit said that the hospital accommodated 395 patients, among them 194 men and 201 women.

He assured families of all patients that those who were discharged from the field hospital were cleared of the disease and there is no need for them to be isolated.

He also said, however, that they must avoid getting infected again by strictly observing basic safety guidelines.

Despite the closure of the hospital, Dr. Bannakit said that the responsibilities of the medical personnel at the university reamin, because there are still many COVID patients, includingsevere cases, who are in need of treatment and care in other hospitals in Chiang Mai.

According to the provincial health office, 22 new cases were reported today, raising total infections in Chiang Mai to 3,916 since April 1st. Of these, 3,183 have recovered, leaving 721 who are still under treatment. The death toll is 12.