Charter Court to probe Future Forward for alleged hostility to constitutional monarchy

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has decided to accept for consideration a petition accusing the Future Forward party, its leader, secretary-general and the executive committee of engaging in activities deemed a threat to the country’s constitutional monarchy.

The court ruled to accept the petition, from lawyer Mr. Natthaporn Toprayoon, by five votes to four after the same petition, which was submitted to the Office of the Attorney-General, went unprocessed for 15 days.

The Future Forward party, its leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, secretary-general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul and the executive committee will be notified that they need to submit their defences within 15 days.

Mr. Natthaporn, former lawyer of political activist Veera Somkwamkid, told the media today (Friday) that he does not have any ulterior motive or hold any personal grudge against either Mr. Thanathorn or Mr. Piyabutr, claiming he did not know any of them personally.

However, he said he found the two men’s actions, and the activities of the party hostile to the Monarchy and the party’s regulations were drawn up in a way which does not promote a constitutional monarchy.

Natthaporn said he used to work as a consultant for several organizations, but quit from all of them in order to concentrate on studying and investigating the Future Forward party.

“If you read what I have written, it is all about democracy. I don’t want anyone to misuse democracy. I have gathered all the information (about the Future Forward party) and the party regulations. I swear that it is a threat to the constitutional monarchy,” said the lawyer.

Natthaporn first submitted the petition to the Office of the Attorney-General, which did not take any action for 15 days once the petition had been received.  He then took the case directly to the Constitutional Court.

If found guilty as alleged, the party faces dissolution, its leaders and executive committee will be banished from politics.



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