11 July 2024

The Constitutional Court has rescheduled the first deliberation in the Move Forward party’s dissolution case to July 17, pending the result of the examination of evidence from the party and the Election Commission.

The court met today to examine the evidence presented by the two parties, to determine whether it is sufficient for the court to start holding hearings in the case.

After a discussion, the court decided that it should wait for the report on the full examination of the evidence, expected to be available on July 9.

In this case, the EC has asked the Constitutional Court to dissolve the Move Forward party and to debar its executive committee from engagement in politics for ten years, on the grounds that the party tried to topple the constitutional monarchy through its election campaign promise to amend the lèse majesté law, as ruled by the court on January 31.

The Move Forward party has rebutted the accusation by claiming that the January 31 ruling is a separate case and, therefore, the ruling cannot be applied in this case.