11 July 2024

Chart Pattana Kla party has always upheld the political principle that it can work with and has no political conflict with any party, said its chairman Suwat Liptapallop today (Saturday).

He said that the party accepted the Move Forward party’s invitation to join in the coalition without making any political demands, because the party has just two seats in the House, but it wants the country to move forward and to have a functioning new government.

Suwat made the statement after the Move Forward party decided to drop his party from its coalition, claiming that it is the wish of the people.

He thanked the Move Forward party for its invitation to join the coalition adding, however, that there is a procedure to follow after an invitation. Specifically, the executive committee of the party must meet to approve the decision to join the coalition.

Since the party has been rejected, however, he said there is no need for the executive committee to meet.