11 July 2024

CCSA spokesman, Dr. Taweesin Wissanuyothin, revealed today that he will be tested for COVID-19 and will self-quarantine, after a news anchor from Thailand’s state broadcaster NBT tested positive for the virus.

Dr. Taweesin explained that people at high-risk are those who work with the news anchor, including an assistant at the CCSA’s news briefing, who had close contact with Dr. Taweesin.

After the news of the infected TV news anchor broke, the Disease Control Department launched a tracing exercise to identify people who are at high, medium and low risk.

All 1,200 employees of NBT have been asked to leave the building and take swab tests. The entire facility is now closed for cleaning and disinfection.

The channel’s live news programs will, however, continue as scheduled, but will be broadcast from outside the building for the time being.