CCSA panel to allow sport spectators and entry of Chinese fruit traders

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

The CCSA’s panel considering the easing of lockdown restrictions has agreed to allow spectators to attend sports events and to allow Chinese traders to enter Thailand to buy Thai fruit for export.

The panel’s chairman, General Somsak Rungsita, who is also Secretary-General of the National Security Council, said Friday that his panel has agreed, in principle, that spectators will be allowed to attend all sporting events, but the measures to be applied may differ, depending on whether the sports are held indoors or outdoors.

He said that the panel will wait to receive more details, about the different measures, and the limitations of the number of spectators for each sports event, from the Sports Authority of Thailand.

He said that the panel also discussed the full reopening of schools, which will depend on the readiness and willingness off each school, adding that if a school prefers online learning, it can use that option.

Restrictions on public transport services, on land and water, will be further eased by allowing buses and boats to operate at full capacity, but passengers must wear face masks, and a few other measures will be imposed to ensure safety, said General Somsak.

He went on to say that his panel has also agreed to allow Chinese traders to return to Thailand, to buy Thai fruit for export, in order to help the growers, but they must be screened upon arrival and subjected to 14 days alternative state quarantine at their own expenses.

The panel did not discuss, however, extending the operating hours of night entertainment venues, from midnight until 2am. General Somsak noted that it would be pointless if bars were allowed to stay open until 2am if the sale of liquor is banned after midnight.

The panel will seek approval for these changes from the CCSA, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, at a meeting scheduled for August 21st.



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