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Garbage in canals remain culprits to city flooding – This Week with Thai PBS World (September 30th 2022)

For the past few weeks, heavy rainfall in Thailand has, again, led to widespread flooding, including in Bangkok. While we might blame the amount of rain or how effective, or ineffective,…

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Uncertain future for cryptocurrencies in Thailand? – This Week with Thai PBS World (September 23rd 2022)

The cryptocurrency market in Thailand has grown over the past few years, with Bitcoin being the most popular. However, the market entered a crisis this year, with the value of Bitcoin…

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Death of a schoolgirl locked in a van: Who is responsible? – This Week with Thai PBS World (September 16th 2022)

The tragic death of a 7-year-old schoolgirl became a huge story in Thailand. It has sparked outrage, particularly among parents who are now questioning a lack of responsibility by teachers…

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Can fashion become more sustainable? – This Week with Thai PBS World (September 9th 2022)

As people become more aware of sustainable living, there are more options being made available to encourage us to do so. One of these is “slow fashion”, which helps people moderate…

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Quiet Quitting – Is it practical in Thailand’s work culture? – This Week with Thai PBS World (September 2nd 2022)

For the past week, you may have come across this term, which has been trending on social media, “Quiet Quitting”. Quiet Quitting, of course, is not about completely disappearing from work…

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