Debating the Future

Thailand’s leading academics taking part in the election forum organized by Thai PBS last week

“Unpredictable, messy” is how the March-24 election is seen by academics

The March-24 is anything but predictable. That’s the general consensus among some of Thailand’s leading academics and political experts just less than a week away from the first general election…

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Representatives from four political parties join the election debate on environment policies organized by Thai PBS on Thursday night.

Political parties unveil environment and clean air policies

Despite the overwhelming news coverage given to on-going political bickering dominating the current election campaign, several politicians still manage to make their voices heard on crucial – yet under-reported —…

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Representatives of five political parties taking part in an election debate organized by Thai PBS Wednesday night on the issue of state welfare.

Populist policies dominate election campaigning

Populist polices in one form or another seem to be dominating the debate for the upcoming general election. And a welfare state appears to be most common catchword. Representatives of…

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Politicians taking part in the Thai PBS election forum on how they hope to tackle corruption problem on Tuesday night.

How politicians think they can fight corruption

Politicians competing in the March-24 general election agree that corruption is a scourge that is undermining the Thai society and dealing with it will be one of their priorities if…

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Young politicians making their election debut during an election debate organized by Thai PBS on Friday night.

Political new-comers want to see change

The March-24 general election sees not only a huge number of first-time voters but also a large number of young politicians making their political debut. Representatives of five political parties,…

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Representatives of Future Forward, Democrat, Ruam Palang Prachachart Thai and Prachachat parties during the forum on military and police reform organized by Thai PBS Thursday night.

Talks of military reform dominate election campaigning

Reforming the military has become a battle cry for several political parties contesting the upcoming general election. Downsizing the armed forces and cutting back defence budget as well as replacing…

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Representatives of the Democrat, Future Forward, Chart Pattana and Pheu Thai parties taking part in the forum on foreign policy challenges facing post-election government organized by Thai PBS Wednesday night.

Politicians agree dealing with China is major challenge for post-election administration 

In an election dominated by political polarization and bread-and-butter issues, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that foreign policy has been put on the backburner. But candidates in the upcoming…

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Representatives of five political parties offer their platforms on basic economic problems during an election forum organized by Thai PBS on Tuesday.

Solving bread-and-butter issues for agricultural sector key policy for parties

Tackling bread-and-butter issues was the focus of the debate of representatives of five political parties taking part in an election forum organized by Thai PBS on Tuesday night. They took…

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Representatives of six political parties at the forum on Thailand’s political future organized by Thai PBS on Monday night.

Major parties optimistic about Thailand’s future after election

Representatives of six major political parties taking part in a debate forum organized by Thai PBS on Monday night expressed optimism that Thailand will see a smooth political transition after…

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