11 July 2024

In a landmark decision, the Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new narcotic bill which will make it legally possible for the import and export of marijuana as well as possession of a limited amount of the plant for medical purposes.

The bill also seeks to legalize the sale of marijuana at specific establishments and, at the same time, empowers the Narcotics Control Board to designate specific areas for trial cultivation of marijuana for medical research or to designate areas for possession or consumption of the plant.

According to the bill, the Ministry of Public Health may designate specific areas for legal consumption of kratom, another addictive plant.

Government spokesman Putthipong Punnakan said the bill seeks to exempt certain people in medical circle namely doctors and patients from criminal litigation.

”It does not mean that any individuals can plant marijuana in his/her backyard,” he clarified.

Putthipong said the Cabinet wants the Public Health Ministry to closely monitor the use of marijuana for five years after which the bill will be reviewed for further adjustments.