11 July 2024

The cabinet has allocated 1.48 billion baht, from the Central Fund, to support the Commerce Ministry’s project to maintain retail necessities at low prices for 90 days amid the current surges in prices in goods especially food ingredients, according to Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana.

The 3,000 retail outlets include convenience stores, gas stations, markets and public spaces across the country. Also, at least 50 mobile units will join the program by selling the goods in communities.

The Commerce Ministry will also launch sale promotional activities and procure necessary consumer items from wholesalers, retailers and producers for sale at distribution points.

Thanakorn said that the program is an extension of the Commerce Ministry’s “Thong Fah” project, a network of retail outlets selling at below-market prices.

Thailand’s pork prices have skyrocketed to above 200 baht/kgs, a record high, over the past few weeks due to the shortage of pigs, many of which have died due to an swine outbreak. The prices of other goods such as chicken and eggs have also been pushed up due to several factors higher transport costs.