11 July 2024

Floodwaters from continuous rain have inundated farmlands in three districts of the northeastern border province of Bung Kan, particularly in Seka district where a pig farm has been severely hit by flash floods.

At Ban Na Takai in Seka district, run-off from Phu Wua mountain has flowed through the Tham Phra Waterfall to inundate rice fields, rubber and oil palm plantations.

Tourists have been prohibited from visiting the famous Tham Phra Waterfall.

A number of vehicles have been caught in the floods while several boats tied to a boat pier were swept away by currents.

At Ban Don, in Seka district, a pig farm was hit by flash floods. Somphet Saenphan, the pig farm owner, said this was the biggest flood in many years. The last major flooding in the area was in 2011.

Floodwaters have inundated farmlands in Tambon Nasaeng of Si Wilai district, Tambon Chaiyaphon of Muang district, and Tambon Ban Tong of Seka district.

There were no reports of casualties.