11 July 2024

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), led by Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, has been tasked with improvements to the “Green Bridge”, which connects the city’s Lumpini and Benjakitti Forest parks, but with a substantial reduction in the budget.

Today (Monday), Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt attended a meeting of the committee managing the project to link the parks, which is chaired by the prime minister, who asked that the BMA rework and then resubmit the plans for the project.

The prime minister also suggested that deciduous and non-deciduous trees be planted in both parks, so that there will begreenery throughout the year.

The BMA is responsible for the wooden Green Bridge, which needs to be improved due to its steepness.

The governor said that the previous administration had set a budget of 1.8 billion baht for the work which, he added, should be adjusted to around 500 million baht, including the 260 million baht which is already available.

An E-bid will be held to find a suitable contractor and the project is expected to be completed within a year, said the governor.

He explained that some parts of the Green Bridge need to be rebuilt because, for instance, the area over the Pai SingtoCanal suffers from the foul smell emitted by the waterway and the descent near the badminton association needs redesign.

After the budget is adjusted, he said he will resubmit it to the committee for approval.

Chadchart also said that the BMA will launch a campaign, urging people who have shown interest in the city’s plan to grow one million trees in Bangkok, to participate in tree the planting events, which are held every Sunday at variouslocations around the city.