British cave diver’s lawyer prepares libel lawsuit against billionaire Elon Musk 

British cave diver Vernon Unsworth who played a crucial role in the rescue of 12 Wild Boars boys and their coach from the flooded Tham Luang cave in July has decided to take billionaire American entrepreneur Elon Musk to court for defamation.

Although Unsworth had earlier threatened to file libel civil lawsuit against Musk, he didn’t make public about his appointment of a lawyer to pursue the legal action until the billionaire entrepreneur tweeted on August 28, saying “You don’t think it is strange he hasn’t sued me?  He was offered free legal services.  And you call yourself.”

Musk’s latest tweet to his followers apparently referring to Unsworth whom he accused of being a “pedo” for doubting that his offered invention for use in the extracting of the 13 Tham Luang survivors would work, prompted the British diver’s lawyer to respond in kind.

“should check his mail before tweeting,” wrote Lin Wood, Unsworth’s lawyer.

Wood’s mail to Musk reads as following:  “I have been retained  by Vernon Unsworth to represent  his interests in connection with the publication on your Twitter account of false and defamatory statement convey that Mr Unsworth is a pedophile.  More specifically, you published through three different tweets to your twenty-two million followers that Mr Unsworth engages in the sexual exploitation of Thai children, and you did so at a time when he was working to save
the lives of twelve Thai children.  You did so without any basis.  According to a subsequent Twitter, you did so out of anger.

I am in the process of preparing a civil complaint for libel against you.  In an attempt to avoid litigation and to see the public record corrected, I invite you or your legal representatives to contact me.”


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