11 July 2024

With the goal of reminding children of the value of books, an original story has been published called Kiki’s Fantastic Adventure by Studio Boba.

The creator decided that the comic-manga format was the best way to bring the story of an adventurous princess to life.

“It is about a daring and curious little princess in a whimsical fantasy world, going on all sorts of adventures with her party of colourful characters,” said Zin Htet Maung.

The first book follows Kiki, daughter of the King and Queen of the Prawn Kingdom, on her quest to retrieve an item taken from the castle by a dragon.

“I named it Kiki after my own daughter, who is also called Kiki, a shorthand for her name – Akira.”

He also aims to grow the market for artists further by supporting the small yet growing fandom of comic books and manga (Japanese comics).

“I have a lot to be inspired by. Obviously, my own baby daughter’s name is Akira. I am a big fan of Otomo Katsuhiro’s best known work “Akira”. I am also a fan of the art style and the story of “Berserk”, created by the late Kentaro Miura,” said Zin.

While many of the names he rattled off concern far more adult stories, compared to his own comic book made for children, Zin has another story in the works for an older audience.

For now, Kiki’s Fantastic Adventure has selling well, despite it being Studio Boba’s first publishing and distribution venture.

“The public reception so far is positive. We have got feedback from customers about how they are surprised by the quality of the artwork as well as the book. They tell us that their children love it and, as a parent, it is gratifying to see a legacy of happiness I’m starting to build for children.”