Boy creates QR code to trace missing elderly people with memory problems

A 15-year-old Thai student has created a QR code system for use by elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related memory loss. The system will help their family locate their elder relative if they go missing from home, according to the Facebook page of the Mirror Foundation.

The boy, Thanadol Wangwijit, admitted that, as a child, he would occasionally get separated from his parents and went to an adult to seek help. Luckily, he said his parents had put a name tag with phone numbers in his pocket, which enabled them to contact his parents quickly.

He told the Mirror Foundation that every time he sees an announcement about a missing person, he feels saddened and thought that this problem should be addressed.

When he saw a wristband issued by the foundation to elderly people who have memory problems, he had the idea of extending the use of the wristband and consulted his parents.

Thanadol came up with the QR code design, which can be used by the Mirror Foundation for attachment to the outer clothing of elderly people, in addition to the wristband itself.

If you have an elderly relative with memory or orientation issues, a wristband and 12 QR codes are available, free of charge, through the URL:


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