Border security with Malaysia increased to prevent spread of COVID-19

Security at the Thai-Malaysian border, especially along the Kolok River, has been increased, with more frequent patrols by troops and police aimed at preventing illegal migrants from slipping into Thailand, following a surge of new COVID-19 infections in Malaysia.

Almost 500 new cases were reported in Malaysia today (Wednesday) alone, bringing the total in the past five days to over 2,000.

A Malaysian, of Thai descent, Boonsit Promchan, who lives in Malaysia’s Kedah State, told Thai PBS that most of the new infections are being reported among prison inmates, but the Malaysian Government has strengthened lockdown restrictions by banning all activities which attract a large number of people and restricting the use of public places.

Failing to wear a face mask in public is liable to a fine of up to 10,000 baht.

He said that most Thai people working in restaurants in Malaysia had already returned to Thailand, with some remaining because there are no jobs for them in Thailand.

For Malaysians of Thai descent, he said that the Malaysian Government has provided financial support, amounting to 30,000 baht per family, to help them get through the pandemic.

As of yesterday, cumulative infections in Malaysia are 12,813, with 137 deaths and 10,340 recoveries.

In Myanmar’s Myawaddi Township, opposite Thailand’s Mae Sot district of Tak province, the Governor has issued an announcement asking all people who were in close contact with four truck drivers, found infected with coronavirus, to report to health officials for examination.

The truck drivers operate between Myawaddi and Yangon.

Cargo trucks arriving in Mae Sot from Myawaddi, across the Friendship Bridge, are allowed only seven hours on Thai soil to unload their merchandise and to upload goods for their return trip.

The same rule is also applied to Thai trucks heading for Myawaddi.



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