11 July 2024
Many residents of Ban Sanaepong village in Sangkhla Buri district of Kanchanaburi province have returned to their homes today after flooding has receded but they have found to their dismay that their houses are covered with mud if not badly damaged.

Mr Somchai Wutthipimonwitthaya, mayor of Laiwo tambon administration organization (TAO), said that, initially, he thought the situation in Ban Sanaepong would return to normal after flood water receded.

But he was wrong after an inspection of the village, he admitted, adding that it would require a big cleanup to remove mud and other debris from many houses and roads in the village before the residents could settle in their houses.

The only thing that the Laiwo TAO officials could do for the time being was to repair the only road linking the village with the outside world so that it could be used again.

All the 200 families in the village with the exception of men were evacuated to a temporary shelter at the Laiwo TAB office for their safety three days ago when flash flood caused by heavy rains struck the village three days ago.

One of the residents, Mr Wisanu Sangchalatharn, who owned a grocery shop before the flooding, was shocked when he found out that his shop was no more with all the goods stored on shelves being washed away or covered thickly in mud.

It was the same for Mr Preecha Po-ngern’s house.  He told Thai PBS news team that he didn’t know what to do besides cleaning up his house which, he said, would be carried gradually carried out.

House repairs must wait until there is a big clean-up to remove all the mud and debris from houses and public places.  However, rains continue to pose an obstacle to rehabilitation effort.