11 July 2024
The Bhumjaithai party has made clear that it will not support General Prayut Chan-o-cha as the next prime minister if the Palang Pracharat-led coalition alliance does not control at least 251 votes in the 500-member House of Representatives.
“The next prime minister must have earned the trust of the majority of the MPs otherwise we will not accept his nomination and if senators’ votes are needed (to achieve the majority), Bhumjaithai MPs will definitely not raise their hands,” said Bhumjaithai party leader Anutin Charnvirakul today.
He also dismissed a media report, that the party had joined the Palang Pracharat-led coalition alliance, saying that the party had not discussed the issue with the Palang Pracharat party, adding that the party had instructed its MPs to gauge the opinions of their constituents about the political direction of the party first.
Opinions of the voters will be collected and considered at a party meeting, scheduled for May 20th,to help determine the party’s political direction, said Anutin, adding that the party ranks fifth in terms of parliamentary seats and, hence, it has to be humble and follow political etiquette.
The Bhumjaithai party leader also described a press report that Mr. Newin Chidchob, an influential figure in the party, had been negotiating on behalf of the party for cabinet seats as pure speculation.
Anutin today led a group of the party’s MPs to receive letters of certification of their parliamentary memberships from the Election Commission.
The group met with Pol Gen Seripusut Temiyaveji, the Seri Ruam Thai party leader, who was also at the EC’s office to receive the letter.
During the brief encounter with Mr. Anutin and Mr. Chai Chidchob, Seripisut asked the Bhumjaithai party to join the pro-democracy camp and promised the party the premiership for Anutin and the transport portfolio. The two did not make any commitment.
Both the Bhumjaithai and the Democrat parties, which each won over 50 seats in the House, are being wooed by the Pheu Thai and Palang Pracharat parties to join their respective coalitions.
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