11 July 2024

The ongoing smog problem in and around Bangkok has caused financial loss estimated at 2,600 million baht since late last month in term of lost opportunities in health and tourism aspects, according to the assessment report of Kasikorn Research Centre of Kasikorn Bank.

The report said that the smog problem is not new for Thailand as it has happened in the northern region every year during the cold/dry season and, for Bangkok and its peripherals, it happened during late 2017 until the beginning of 2018 after which the condition has eased considerably until late last year.

The smog problem caused by excessive dust particles has been compounded by climate change, said the report as it recommended that agencies concerned must attach importance to the problem and makes assessments of its impacts on various aspects.

Economic impacts from the current smog problem in and around Bangkok are divided into two aspects:  lost opportunities in health aspect and in tourism aspect.

In health aspect, the report said that it means expenses incurred from medical bills for the affected people who have fallen sick and others who have to buy face masks to protect themselves.

On tourism aspect, the report warned that although the smog problem has not yet affected tourism business, it may cause tourists to switch from visiting Thailand to other destinations if the problem is not resolved in the short run.

The report also noted that Bangkok was recently listed as one of the top ten cities in the world with the worst air pollution problem.