11 July 2024

In light of the exponential surge in COVID-19 infections and the potential for increased transmission in upcountry provinces, Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang today appealed to everyone, currently in Bangkok, not to travel out of the city and to stay at home.

“We are fighting an enemy which is more devastating than any weapon or army.  The enemy keeps multiplying every day and gains the upper hand if we do not change our way of life.  The only way to defeat this enemy is for all of us to do these simple things – practise social distancing and avoid crowded places – and we will weather this crisis together,” said the governor.


In a new directive, issued by the governor today, the public and private sectors have been told to take preventive measures, as recommended by the Public Health Ministry, and to enforce strict social distancing in work places.  They were also told to suspend all activities which will draw even small crowds.

For those who recently went to boxing stadia, entertainment venues or those who had contact with the infected, they must confine themselves at their home or lodgings, monitor their health and see a doctor if they develop symptoms.


Public transport operators were also urged to reduce the number of passengers in each bus and train carriage to avoid close contact.

Realising that many people will be affected by this directive, the governor assured that the Government will develop ways to help them.