11 July 2024

Former Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang, Democrat candidate Suchatvee Suwansawat and former transport minister Chadchart Sittipunt are the three Bangkok gubernatorial candidates most mentioned on social media, according to a poll conducted by data analytics company Bizcuit Solution.

The survey delved into more than four million comments posted on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms from March 21st to May 7th.

On the Facebook news web pages, there were more than 80,000 reactions to 849 posts, showing Aswin, Suchatvee and Chadchart as the most talked about candidates. Most of the comments for Aswin are, however, from people who do not support him and 13% of the comments favour him, as opposed to 37% positive comments for Suchatvee and 33% for Chadchart.

Meanwhile, Move Forward candidate Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, Aswin and Chadchart were most mentioned on YouTube among the audience who watched a debate on the topic “Nine Years in Search of an Elected Governor.”

Wiroj and Chadchart were most positively talked about, while Aswin saw 74% of the comments on YouTube being negative.

On Twitter, Wiroj, Chadchart and Suchatvee were most frequently mentioned positively, while Aswin was mentioned negatively in a survey taken on April 28th and 29th following a debate on a TV channel.

In conclusion, Wiroj, Chadchart and Suchatvee were positively mentioned on all online media platforms.

CEO and Founder of Bizcuit Solution Suttipan Sutas Na Ayuthaya said the company used AI Natural-language understanding (NLU) in analysing over 37,000 tweets and replies between March 21st and May 7th, as well as over 3,000 comments posted on YouTube following the debate on April 28th on Channel 3 News.

He said that the AI NLU technology can tell which candidates are being mentioned or talked about, on what issues or aspects and which candidates the participants would like to support.

He insisted that the accuracy of the analysis by AI NLU ranges from 70-83%, depending on the type of AI being employed.

He also said that the intention of this survey and study was for educational purposes, to try to explain phenomena which occur on the social media, and is not intended to forecast the outcome of the election.