11 July 2024

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt told school administrators today (Thursday), during an inspection tour of a city-run school in Din Daeng district related to the cannabis-free policy implemented in all city-run schools, that he does not believe that a student’s hairstyle has any effect on their academic performance, which depends more on their concentration and responsibility.

The governor’s comment came after the school’s director told the governor that the school has been providing free haircuts for both boys and girls if they want to use the service,

It also follows a student movement against the imposition of strict hairstyle rules in most schools and viral video clips showing some students getting their hair cut unevenly, on the spot, by their teachers. The boy’s hairstyle is typically a military-type crew cut, while girls who have long hair must have it tied properly.

The governor toured the school which, under new regulations, must be cannabis free, and inspected shops near the school and found every shop displays a sign stating that they do not put cannabis, hemp or kratom (mitragyna speciose extract) in their food or drinks.

The governor said he is not so much concerned about cannabis or hemp in school compounds, but outside the schools. He noted that kratom leaves can be found on sale at fruit and vegetable stalls in markets, as he stressed the need to seek cooperation from shops outside schools by displaying signs informing students which of their menu item contain cannabis or hemp.

Student safety, especially while travelling to and from school, was another issue of concern raised by the governor. He said that about 70% of students travel to school by motorcycle and most of the younger students do not wear crash helmets, because the helmets available are too big for young children.

A recent survey of children attending the city administration’s 437 schools shows there is a need for 120,000 crash helmets for small children, said the governor, adding that an insurance office has volunteered to provide the helmets on the condition that they are shared among students.