11 July 2024

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is getting tough with motorcyclists who either ride or park on the capital’s pavements, with fines of up to 5,000 baht.

According to a press release from the BMA, during the initial stage of enforcement, offenders will face a fine of 500 baht which will, eventually, be increased to as much as 5,000 baht.

If the offenders are caught on CCTV, they will receive a notification, sent to their residence, instructing them to pay the fine within 15 days, failing that they will receive a second notice, followed by legal action if they still fail to pay.

Members of the public are urged to report breaches of the rules by motorcyclists to the municipal police, by calling 02-465-6644 or by logging into www.bangkok.go.th/reward.

The BMA has installed about 60,000 surveillance cameras throughout the city to monitor traffic flow and traffic violations. Information from CCTV is mainly used by traffic police.