11 July 2024

A new-born baby has been rescued after being found dumped by a heap of garbage in front of a house in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri Province this morning (Sunday).

According to Pattaya police, 54-year-old Surachai was taking his dog for a pre-dawn walk in a housing estate in Na Klua sub-district when he heard the cries of a baby, which he initially thought was a cat.

Surachai then asked a neighbour to take a closer look at the heap of garbage and they discovered a baby boy, wrapped in napkins, inside a plastic bag. He said they fetched towels and wrapped the baby in them before alerting the emergency services. The baby was then rushed to the Bang Lamung district hospital.

An EMT said that, about an hour earlier, he had received an emergency call for help from a 17-year-old woman. Emergency services had rushed to her apartment and found the women and blood stains in the room, which she claimed was menstruation. She was, nevertheless, taken to the district hospital as well.

It was shortly after this that he said his team received a call from Surachai about the new-born baby found by the garbage.

Pattaya police said they checked the CCTV system at the young woman’s apartment and found images of her carrying a plastic bag as she returned to her room.

The baby is now safe and is being cared for by doctors.