Authorities trying to stop water from flowing into cave

As officials are stepping ups effort to drain water out of the flooded passage ways inside Tham Luang cave, another team has been dispatched to search for groundwater sources which are suspected to continuously feeding water into the cave even without rains.

The team, acting under the order from Mr Tunya Netithammakul, director-general of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation, has found a spot where an underground water source is likely to be located beneath the Huey Pha Hee creek.

Officials dropped some leaves onto the spot in the creek and they were sucked into the water, said Mr Tunya who, however, added that it wasn’t sure this was the source of water which is feeding water into Tham Luang.

But if it was proven that the water has flowed underground into the cave, it would be immediately plugged, he added.

Draining water out of the cave with water pumps and punching hole through cave wall to fasten the draining of water must be done in tandem with the plugging of water sources which continue to feed water into the cave to help bring the water level in the cave down quicker, explained an official.

Meanwhile, the Artesian Water Resource Department has bored two more artesian wells which are about 42 deep to help ease the water level in the cave.


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