11 July 2024

In responding to recent cross-strait developments, ASEAN’s foreign minister has called for all parties to exercise maximum restraint, refrain from provocative action and to adhere strictly to the principles contained in the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, according to an ASEAN statement issued on 3rd Aug.

The statement was issued after ASEAN ministers discussed the cross-strait situation during their retreat this afternoon.

“ASEAN is concerned about international and regional volatility, especially in the recent development adjacent to the ASEAN region, which could destabilise the region and eventually lead to miscalculation, serious confrontation, open conflict and unpredictable consequences among major powers,” says the one-page statement.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, ASEAN did not mention in the statement the controversial visit of US House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s to Taiwan on Tuesday.

The ASEAN ministers also said that the world is in dire need of wisdom and responsibility from all leaders, to uphold multilateralism and partnership, cooperation, peaceful-coexistence and healthy competition for our shared goals of peace, stability, security and inclusive and sustainable development.

ASEAN ministers also said that the bloc stands ready to playa constructive role in facilitating peaceful dialogue between all parties, to deescalate tension, and safeguard peace, security and development in the region.