11 July 2024

Thailand’s Meteorological Department is warning of heavy rain in some areas, including flash floods and overflows today (Wednesday) and tomorrow, caused by a tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. Thunderstorms are also forecast for Bangkok and its vicinities.

The Met Office explained that tropical cyclone “Asani” developed near the coast of India with maximum wind speeds of 93kph. The cyclone is moving northwest and it is expected to make landfall along the central coastline of India on today or tomorrow.

Waves in the Andaman Sea are expected to reach 1-2 metres in height. Waves in the Gulf of Thailand are forecast at 1 metre while, in areas with thunderstorms, they will rise to 2 metres.

The Department also warned that, in the northern and eastern parts of Thailand, thunderstorms and heavy rain can be expected over 70% of the area. In the northeast, central, including Bangkok, and southern areas thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecast for at least 60% of the area.

The Met Office has already announced that Thailand will officially enter its rainy season in mid-May, with the season expected to last until mid-October.