12 July 2024

Police have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire in a three-storey house in the Krisda Nakhon housing estate, which caved in and trapped four rescue workers and the house owner.

The bodies of all five victims were recovered late Saturday night, after hundreds of rescue workers used heavy machinery and sniffer dogs in the search and rescue operation.

Pol Col Charnrith Sapsombat, superintendent of Thammasala police station, led a team of enquiry officers today (Sunday) to question former occupants of house.

A witness reportedly told the police that he first saw flames in an old guard’s kiosk, next to the house, which was used to store several PVC tubes and an air pump.

The air pump eventually exploded, hurling sparks over the wall of the house onto swimming pool equipment, foam and plastic kept in the compound.

Police said that they would check the surveillance cameras installed in and around the house to find out if the fire was an act of arson because the house owner, who died in the tragedy, had posted a statement on Facebook claiming that he had received an arson threat due to his political affiliation.