11 July 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha received the Youth Declaration at Government House today (Monday), from young representatives of Asia-Pacific economies, under the APEC Voices of the Future program.

He told the representatives that the Thai Government is ready to listen to the voices of the young generation, because they are the future of the country, and that it will consider their opinions for incorporation in government policies.

A Thai youth representative thanked the prime minister for supporting the role of young people and their participation in all aspects of development for a sustainable future.

The Youth Declaration is intended to push for implementation and extension of Thailand’s concept for APEC, which is to be “Open to all opportunities, Connect in all dimensions and Balance in all aspects for the development of a sustainable future for everyone”.

After receiving the declaration, the prime minister led the young representatives on a quick tour of Government House.

APEC Voices of the Future program is being held in parallel with the APEC Summit and related meetings from November 13th to 19th in Bangkok.

Image Credit: APEC 2022 Thailand