11 July 2024

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul declared Tuesday that his Bhumjaithai Party will play a key role in forming the next post-election government.

“Our desire has always been to move from being a small political party to be a medium-sized one before becoming a major party,” Anutin said.

Bhumjaithai, currently a major component in the current Prayut coalition government, has been become a focus of attention after having won over a large number of defectors from other political parties.

Speaking to reporters, Anutin made it clear that Bhumjaithai is prepared “to call the shots” in the next elections. “We should not be playing second fiddle in forming the next coalition,” he said. “We need to make Bhumjaithai the core of the next coalition.”

Until recently, the soft-spoken businessman-turned-politician had always been modest about his political goal.  But as his party began to attract MPs defecting from other parties, Anutin has become more vocal about his political future.

The last general elections in 2014 saw the party win 51 seats. Now it has more than 60 MPs under its wings with the potential of attracting more defectors.

Anutin has said that he will be the sole candidate for prime minister for Bhumjaithai Party, potentially pitting him against his current political boss Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who is on the verge of joining the newly-formed Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party which wants him as its potential prime minister candidate.