11 July 2024

Thousands of anti-government protesters rallied at Ratchaprasong intersection in the heart of Bangkok Wednesday evening during which many of them also descended on the national police headquarters nearby and spray-painted its name plaque.

The rally came a day after police used water cannons and teargas against protesters rallying at the parliament during the parliamentary debate on constitutional amendment bills.

The protesters began arriving at the intersection at around 4 pm and expressed anger at the news that the constitutional amendment motion submitted by iLaw, a non-governmental human rights organization, was rejected by the parliament.

At around 7 pm, many of the protesters moved to the national police headquarters nearby and started splashing water into the compound and spray-painting its name plaque to vent anger at what they said was an excessive use of force against the demonstrators during the stand-off in front of the parliament on Tuesday.

Policemen armed with batons and shields and backed by high-pressure water jet trucks watched from inside the compound without making attempts to move against the protesters.

The protesters ended their rally at around 8.30 pm but vowed to stage another rally on November 25 in front of the headquarters of the Crown Property Bureau.