All visitors to Thailand from high-risk countries to be quarantined

All visitors from high-risk countries will be subjected to 14-day quarantine at their hotels in Thailand, after which they will be free to travel if they do not exhibit any COVID-19 related symptoms during the confinement, said Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul today.

To leave the hotels during the quarantine period, they will need to obtain permission from Disease Control Department officials.

The minister said that similar restrictions will be applied to Thai people returning from high-risk countries as well.

He praised health officials for having done a good job so far in containing COVID-19, noting that Thailand has dropped to 25th place on the list of countries with confirmed COVID-19 infections. Thailand has 50 patients so far and a 70% recovery rate.


Regarding Thai workers returning from South Korea, Mr. Anutin said that all of them coming from Daegu, the South Korean centre of the virus outbreak, and Gyeongsang, will be subject to 14-days of mandatory quarantine at state facilities, no matter if they are infected or suspected to be infected.

For returnees from other parts of South Korea, they will be confined for 14 days at facilities in their home provinces, he said, adding that, for those from other high-risk areas, health officials will decide where they are to be quarantined, at home or in state facilities.


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