11 July 2024

Veterinarians have been trying to save the life of an elephant calf, thought to be suffering from a gastrointestinal tract disease.

Named “Thanwa”, the calf is unable to stand and is now being treated by veterinarians at the Bueng Chawak Wildlife Development Centre in Suphan Buri Province and those fromthe Faculty of Veterinary Science at Kasetsart University.

The vets have recently reduced the amount of milk being given to the animal and are feeding it boiled rice water, to ease a loose stool problem. Anti-biotics and antacid medication have also been administered.

A vet said that the calf is experiencing occasional breathing difficulties and oxygen has to be administered. Blood samples are being taken every three hours to test glucose levels, said avet, adding that Thanwa has been cleared of Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) in recent lab tests.

Thanwa strayed from its herd and was found alone in the forest in Si Sawat district of Kanchanaburi province in November, with several injuries caused by frequent falls.

It is now being monitored around the clock.