11 July 2024

Air quality in and around Bangkok which posed health hazards in the past couple of weeks has improved satisfactorily, with the amount of particulate in the air below the hazardous level.

The Pollution Control Department said this morning that air quality measurement showed the amount of fine dust particles (less than PM2.5) in and around Bangkok, including Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan provinces, ranged between 12-29 microns whereas the amount of particulate on the roadsides ranged from 19-37 microns along the roadsides which were still below the standard gauge of 50 microns.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department predicted that air quality in and around Bangkok on the New Year’s Eve would be good up to very good – thanks to the efforts of officials concerned to clean up the air and dusty road surfaces with spray of water and the improved air flow.