11 July 2024

Most of the respondents to a recent opinion poll accuse government agencies of incompetence and complacence in the handling of air pollution in Bangkok.

According to Nida Poll, by the National Institute Development Administration, 40.84% of the respondents said that the state agencies were not efficient and were not seriously enforcing the law against the polluters, such as vehicles that emit excessive exhaust and dust emanating from construction sites.

In the meantime, 36.22% of the respondents said that agencies concerned were complacent and completely incompetent in tackling atmospheric pollution.

Nida Poll gauged the opinions of 1,256 respondents in Bangkok and several other provinces on January 15th and 16th.

Asked how the respondents deal with the PM2.5 dust problem, 69.98% said they wear face masks when outdoors, 21.50% said they try not to leave home and 10.59% said they avoid outdoor activities altogether.

Asked what they have done to help ease the problem, 30.57% of the respondents said they had switched from private cars to public transport, 24.20% said they spray water to wash dust from in front of their houses and 23.09% said they have stopped burning trash outdoors.

Meanwhile, the Pollution Control Department (PCD) reported today (Sunday) that 47 areas in Bangkok and its vicinity were found to have PM2.5 dust levels beyond the 50-micron safety threshold.

The levels of airborne PM2.5 dust in Bangkok and its suburbs were measured at 44-93 microns.

The PCD urged motorists to stop using smoke-belching cars and to switch to public transport.  Residents were also told to stop burning waste in the open.