11 July 2024

Acting Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan today (Friday) declined to comment on speculation that a Cabinet reshuffle is in the cards under his watch.

“There is nothing to it,” said Prawit in his first encounter with journalists at the Government House after assuming the role of caretaker prime minister following the Constitutional Court’s order to suspend Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha from active duty.

Prawit was responding to questions about speculation that a cabinet reshuffle was possible in the near future.

The speculation was spurred by the Supreme Court’s decision today to accept a request from the National Anti-Corruption Commission to rule on charges related to alleged encroachment of national forest against Deputy Education Minister Kanokwan Vilawan. The court ordered her to be suspended from active duty pending its final ruling. Two other cabinet portfolios have been vacated earlier.

Prawit also refused to comment on the issue of Prayut’s term of office.

“Go talk to the court. I don’t know,” he said. He also did not answer a question on whether or not he has been in contact with Prayut.

Meanwhile, Prayut in his capacity as defence minister turned up at the Defence Ministry this morning without speaking to the press.