11 July 2024

As widely expected, Abhisit Vejjajiva was voted leader of the Democrat Party in a primary election that ended on Friday.

Chumpol Kanchana, chairman of the primary election committee, told a press conference this morning that former party leader Abhisit came first with 67,505 votes followed by former Phitsanulok MP Warong Dejkitvigrom’s 57,689 and former deputy leader Alongkorn Polabutr’s 2,285.

Both Warong and Alongkorn offered congratulations to Abhisit for the electin triumph.

Altogether 127,479 party members cast their ballots.

Chumnpol said the outcome of the primary would be tabled at the general assembly of the party on Sunday.

According to the party’s rule, the party leader is elected by the general assembly.

After the announcement of the poll result, Abhisit thanked the two other contenders and all the voters for their participation in the development of democracy and for the introduction of new technology in the primary election.

He also said that he was pleased to have witnessed young and old party members show up to cast the ballots.

Regarding the party’s election strategy, Abhisit said this would be discussed at the general assembly.