11 July 2024

Thailand recorded one new COVID-19 case today (Wednesday), among returnees from abroad currently in state quarantine.

According to the CCSA, the new case is a 38-year old Japanese film producer who returned to Thailand from Japan on September 4th and entered alternative state quarantine in Bangkok.

He tested positive for COVID-19 on September 7th, but exhibited no symptoms.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,447 with 3,286 recoveries and 58 deaths.  103 others are still being treated in hospital.

According to the COVID-19 Data Centre, health officials have, so far, traced 974 people who had been close in contact with an infected DJ, the first locally-transmitted infection in Thailand for more than 100 days. The largest single group of such contacts are those who were at the Criminal Court when the DJ attended a hearing.

Of all the 974 being traced, 118 are classified as being at high risk. Swab tests have been conducted on 521 of them and all were cleared of infection.

Health officials will continue to try to locate more people thought to have been in close contact with the infected DJ.