11 July 2024

8.3% of the entire population of Thailand, or 5,526,039 people, have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, while only 2,153,018 have had their second doses, or 3.3% of the population, according to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation.

Phuket remains the province with highest vaccination rate, with 63.33% receiving the first dose and 40.73% having their second, while the percentages in Bangkok are 22.55% and 7.25% respectively.

All medical personnel have now received their first dose, while 90.5% of them have been fully vaccinated. Low percentages are, however, found in the target groups for the months of June and July, namely people aged 60 and over, and those with any of the seven specified non-communicable diseases.

7.8% of the first group have received their first dose, but only 0.4% their second, due mainly to the long gap between the two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine. 9.6% of the second group have received their first dose, while 2.1% have received their second.

More than 7.67 million vaccine doses, out of 8.5 million distributed nationwide, have been administered to date. AstraZeneca jabs account for 2,179,000 of first doses and 49,062 doses of the second, while Sinovac jabs account for 3,347,039 of first doses and 2,103,956 of second doses.

More than 75 million doses have been administered in ASEAN. Thailand ranks 3rd in the region, in terms of numbers of vaccine jabs, but ranks 7th in terms of vaccinated population ratio, with Singapore leading, at 45.9%. Over 2.6 billion doses have been administered worldwide, with an average of 39.7 million doses being administered per day.