70 aftershocks followed Thursday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Laos

About 70 aftershocks were recorded after the 6.4ML earthquake struck Xayaboury province in the Laos PDR yesterday. The quake damaged 65 houses in the Chalerm Phrakiat district of Thailand’s northern province of Nan, the Meteorological Department reported today (Friday).

Officials of Chalerm Phrakiat district said that cracks appeared on the walls most of the houses in Tambon Khun Nan as a result of the strong tremor.

Meanwhile, the Mineral Resources Department reported that the intensity of the 6.4ML quake yesterday measured at 7 on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale at a location about seven kilometres from its epicentre.

By the time the shock wave reached Bangkok, 650km away, it had reduced to an intensity of 2 but, because of the soft soil in Bangkok, the intensity rose again to 4 and the tremor was felt by people living in high-rise buildings, said the department.

The department will continue to keep a close watch for aftershocks for at least the next 4 weeks.


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