11 July 2024

The Military Dog Centre in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima province is filled with warm hugs and fluff today as military dogs that did not pass their qualifications are being auctioned off to new owners.

One of the bidders, Kasanee Croskery and her daughter, travelled all the way from the Netherlands to bid for Hilma. With a budget of 150,000 baht, Kasanee hopes to be able to take Hilma home to her sister.

She has more than 160k followers on her social media page which offers content about three most southern provinces of Thailand. 

Kasanee says that she is already accustomed to Hilma as she has visited and played with Hilma at the military dog centre many times before.

Meanwhile, the carer of the three-year-seven-month old Malinois called Laila, says she is at the auction today to send Laila moral support.

The three dogs – Laila, Hilma and Cristin – are brought up together in a hospital for about three years. Their carer says that these dogs are gentle and very active, the new owners should take them running and swimming. 

The dogs also enjoy going to cafes, she added.


“I believe that many bidders are interested in Laila. When you see her, you can instantly fall in love with her. She likes swimming, playing with toys, rubbing and lots of hugs.”

Another bidder from Bangkok says she is already caring for five large dogs at home. She added that she prefers large dogs like German Shepherds, “other people may think that large dogs are aggressive but I think otherwise”.